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About Us

About Us

Prue Longstaff

Qualified ACA Counsellor,

Mental Health Specialist, Tuning into Teens Facilitator and Owner of Better You HQ Counselling

Prue Longstaff Counsellor at Better You HQ Counsellig

Hey there! Let me introduce myself - I'm someone who's best known for my warmth, compassion and commitment supporting client's achieve their goals.


But what makes my counselling expertise unique is my own personal journey. You see, I've had my fair share of challenges growing up in a dysfunctional childhood and facing adverse childhood experiences. However, I firmly believe that these experiences have shaped me into a resilient individual who knows how to overcome obstacles.

I'm currently working on my Bachelor's in Counselling, already have a Diploma in the same field, and I've been professionally involved in education, disability services, human behaviour studies and clinical practice for over two decades. Plus, my crisis support work with Lifeline has given me a lot of experience dealing with serious issues like suicidality. All this combined with my own personal experiences has helped me understand people's unique needs better.

Having spent more than a decade in education and disability, I've gained a lot of knowledge and practical experience about neurodiversity and disability. This experience has given me a deep understanding of things like goal setting, emotional intelligence (EQ), executive functioning skills, mental health, and the importance of building real connections with clients.

I am without a doubt a champion for the wellbeing of children and adolescents. In fact, it was during my time working in a support role that I had a revelation about the impact of counselling. Even though I was pursuing a Bachelor of Education at the time, it was while assisting children and adolescents who faced various learning and behavioral challenges that I experienced an epiphany: my true calling lay in fostering deep connections. Thus, I made the decision to embark on a rewarding journey as a counsellor.

During the moments when I'm not engrossed in work, you'll often find me indulging in the intellectual pleasure of diving into a non-fiction book. My boys affectionately refer to this as "nerding," a term that perfectly encapsulates my passion for knowledge and personal growth. Or drinking coffee ( I love an almond latte), however, as much as I cherish coffee, I do acknowledge the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle and perhaps consider reducing my coffee intake for the sake of my own wellbeing!

My approach to working with clients is rooted in my values of connection and compassion. I believe that each person deserves individual and personal support, which guides how I interact with each client. As registered member no. 27225 of the Australian Counselling Association, I am committed to upholding a strict code of ethics and practitioner standards. I also hold a current WWCC no. 0367728A-04. This ensures that I provide the highest level of professionalism to my clients.

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