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NDIS Recovery Coaching

A highly qualified counsellor and mental health specialist can play a vital role in supporting and providing training to help you reach your NDIS goals in various aspects of life. Whether you want to increase social and community participation, improve relationships, enhance daily working, develop positive behaviors, or attain better mental health, Better You HQ's Counselling and Support Services offer invaluable assistance.

Unleash Your Potential: How Counselling Can Benefit You

Improving emotional wellbeing and fostering a sense of independence can be greatly aided by a qualified counsellor and evidence based therapies. Better You HQ Counselling and Support Services provides essential support that helps NDIS participants reach their full potential by addressing a variety of issues including social isolation, everyday living skills, goal-setting, mental health, and more:

  • Enhanced Capabilities for Daily Living: Managing everyday activities and routines can be difficult for NDIS participants. Counsellors can help by providing life skills training, such as time management and emotional regulation. 

  • Support for Mental Health: By utilising evidence-based therapeutic techniques, counselling will help you develop coping mechanisms for managing stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health challenges you may be facing. Their support is aimed at fostering resilience and empowering you to live a more individuals to express their feelings, concerns, and anxious feelings. This is beneficial in developing resilience, dealing with stress, and managing the emotionality of a disability.

  • Social and Community Participation: Disability-related social isolation can often leave people feeling lonely or unhappy. To increase social and community participation, a counsellor can support you in building self-confidence and enhancing your communication skills. They can help you develop strategies to overcome social anxiety or fears that may be holding you back from engaging with others. They can provide strategies to improve your communication skills, help you navigate social situations more effectively, and empower you to actively engage with your community.

  • Strategies for Coping: Incorporating counselling into your NDIS plan may provide you with valuable strategies for navigating both the physical and emotional obstacles of living with a disability or, in general, with daily activities. NDIS counselling can provide you with coping strategies to help you negotiate challenging circumstances and gain self-confidence.

  • Managing Transitions: Significant life changes, such as transitioning from education to employment or to living alone or with others, can present difficulties. Counselling offers essential support throughout these pivotal phases, aiding individuals in adjusting to change and confronting new encounters and obstacles with assurance.

  • Personal Growth and Empowerment: NDIS counselling encourages participants' personal development and sense of empowerment. It increases the self-awareness of NDIS participants and gives them the confidence to speak out for their needs and make informed choices about their lives, and understanding your strengths and abilities provides you with a sense of direction and a positive self-image.

Therapeutic Support
Private Tutoring

NDIS Individual Counselling


  • Personal goals

  • NDIS goals

  • Social skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Time management skills

  • Relationship skills

  • Life transition goals

  • Dealing with mental illness

  • Job seeking journey

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Learning new life skills

  • Understanding yourself

  • Emotional regulation

  • Understanding triggers

  • Behavioural support

  • Exploring identity

Person-centered and individual counselling assists NDIS participants in their rehabilitation and ensures that it is consistent with their goals for their everyday lives. Counselling is tailored to each client's specific requirements, allowing for individual autonomy and choice while also encouraging self-awareness and personal development.

Counselling may include social skills building, goal setting, developing positive self-talk, communication skills or problem-solving strategies.

We support NDIS self-managed and plan-managed participants with funding under Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living:

  • 15_043_0128_1_3: Individual counselling
    $156.16 for 55 minutes

  • 15_799_0128_1_3: Provider travel costs- non labour
    $1.00 per kilometre

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Unlock your full potential and achieve personal growth with Better You HQ Counselling. As an experienced and passionate NDIS support and services provider, we are dedicated to helping participants like you reach their goals. Our expertise and extensive knowledge in disability support, ensures that you receive the tailored assistance you need.


Let's Talk

This is a chance for us to talk via phone or email and for you to ask questions. After we talk you can decide whether we are a good fit and if the support and services we provide will help you with your disability-related needs and help you reach your goals


Discuss Service Agreement

If you decide to engage Better You HQ for support services we will discuss, and provide a service agreement so you are clear on what services will be delivered and how. Once agreed upon, we can now start working towards your goals


Book and Start Counselling

In our first session we will discuss goals, strengths, challenges and how we can support you reach your full potential by addressing a variety of issues which may include social skills, relationships, everyday living skills, behaviour, mental health and more

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